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Can orders be shipped outside the U.S.?

Yes, orders can be shipped worldwide, FOB Paradise, CA. Orders within the U.S. are generally shipped via UPS.

Are the coasters thirsty enough to absorb water?

Our coasters are made of natural stone and are not intended to absorb a lot of excess water. They are made with a complete corkback to protect your tabletop and make decorative conversational pieces.

How is the image put onto the surface and how durable is it?

The image is printed onto a special paper that releases the ink into the stone once it is heated. The polyester surface absorbs the ink and becomes permanently bonded. The surface can then be cleaned with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaners without damaging the image. Hot items can be placed onto a natural stone surface to be used as a trivet or hotplate.

Can you purchase the tiles without corkbacks?

All of our tiles can be purchased with no backing, just specify this in your customer comments box or email us

Can the tiles be used for in kitchen backsplash areas?

Yes, the tiles are very durable and can be cleaned easily. Simply order loose tiles, and have your tile installed by a professional who will properly seal your area. We also offer tile backsplashes and murals complete with a backing board and easy-to-install hanging system. Pieces can virtually be mounted anywhere from drywall to existing tile or stucco. Remove your piece from the wall to clean and then rehang perfectly level each time. Perfect for the homeowner who moves around because you can move it with you when you go!

Can the tiles be used for shower and/or outdoor areas?

We use ceramic and porcelain tiles and a durable tile process for wet and outdoor areas. Tiles are ordered by the square foot and can be properly installed by a professional. Our retail showroom features a shower that is a 21 square foot waterfall and also a shower with beautiful, Marilyn Monroe.

Do you offer other custom products not listed on your website?

Yes, we offer custom images on various types of products that we sell and have also made custom products upon request. There is a one time set-up fee which varies according to the job. Please feel free to email us to inquire about custom sizes and pricing

What material are your products made of and how do you clean?

Our coasters are made of Travertine natural stone and Botticino Marble. They are easily cleaned with a mild dish soap and water. Abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads and dishwashers are NOT recommended, please handwash only! Ceramic tiles can be dusted with a soft, clean cloth. If necessary, a soft damp cloth can be used with a non-ammonia glass cleaner. We recommend spraying onto a cloth rather than the piece itself.

Can the tiles be used for outdoors?

We use another process with ceramic and porcelain tiles that safe for kitchens, showers, and outdoor use as they are fired in a kiln. Any image can be applied for outdoor use. The tiles are very durable, scratchproof and are graffiti and UV safe.